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Bouma National Heritage Park

Location: Taveuni Island
Nature lovers, hikers, and birders can soak up some of Fiji's lush natural beauty in Bouma National Heritage Park on the island of Taveuni. Established in 1990, the park encompasses about 150 square kilometers of rainforest, with rare tropical plants and an impressive diversity of birds, as well as four villages that are each responsible for managing portions of the park.

Beqa Lagoon

Location: Viti Levu
About 144 kilometers southeast of Nadi, off Pacific Harbour, Beqa (pronounced "Benga") Lagoon lures avid divers and adventure seekers, many of whom come here to experience the Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive. With stringent safety measures in place, we offer exhilarating face-to-face encounters with these much-feared creatures in their natural habitat.

Rano Raraku National Park

Here you will find the most common image of Easter Island, the half-buried moai in the slope of the Rano Raraku volcano. Hundreds of years ago this volcano was used as a quarry by Rapa Nui for carving and extracting these colossal statues.

The Sunrise From Tongariki

Tongariki is one of the most iconic sites on the island, so I’m sure you must have seen it by now in countless pictures and tv shows. Here you’ll see its 15 moai statues standing next to each other on an Ahu (ceremonial platform) facing inland, while the orange sun rises right behind them, creating a shadowy silhouette out of the statues.

Culture of Rapa Nui People

01. Religion

The Easter Island inhabitants’ life was organized around their religion and spiritual beliefs. The Rapa Nui believed that their forefathers’ spirits had the ability to come to their aid, in case of necessity, since the spirit remained around the relatives.

02. Tattoo

Priests and governors had many more tattoos than the rest of the population, as a symbol of their authority. However, all men and women had some tattoos, representing their social class.

Dhani Ghoshal
Chief Planning Officer at Ocean Seacrets Expedition Parlor